Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Nurses are on the frontline of healthcare. They see your medical scenario through a trained eye with years of experience that gives them a unique perspective. They know what should have happened, what did happen, and can often determine why it happened. Nurses can review complex cases with ease and notice issues someone who is not a nurse or a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant will never notice. Certification as a CLNC give nurses the added bonus of understanding critical elements of the law as it relates to medical cases.

What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant:

A CLNC is a registered nurse with experience in the healthcare system that has completed advanced training to understand how legal issues are impacted by health, injury or illness. We are trained to review medical records with an eye to the legal implications.

I use MD experts—I don’t need a nurse too.

MD experts are expensive. Nurse Consultants working behind the scenes can review the case more cost effectively and help determine which MD or RN experts are necessary. This will allow you to better utilize your funds where they will be the most effective.

I have a paralegal—she screens my cases for me.

Paralegals are trained to work in the litigation process, CLNC’s are medical experts qualified to interpret medical records/issues and to educate. To get the best results for your clients, use of an insider to the medical field will yield you the best, most cost efficient result.

I don’t need a nurse behind the scenes—I need a testifying expert.

I have a network of 4000 nurses available to assist in finding any necessary Testifying Experts. It is often in review of the medical record that the determination of which experts would be the most useful comes to light.

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