Get the INSIDER’S EDGE on your medically related cases!

Legal Nurse Consultants have years of experience reviewing medical records and critiquing care. Nurses view the inner workings of the hospital setting with a unique perspective—we interact with all members of the healthcare team and know the system, both medical and administrative, inside and out.   Nurses will notice deviations in care and protocol that an outsider to the healthcare system or a non-nurse will not recognize. A Legal Nurse Consultant gives you an edge on the competition by offering thorough, cost effective, review of the medical record.

It’s not just for Malpractice….a common misconception.

Legal Nurse Consultants can assist in any case involving a medical issue.   CLNC’s can review and simplify the issues in:

  • Personal Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Toxic Tort
  • Product liability
  • Competency
  • Elder abuse/Child abuse/domestic violence
  • Nursing home negligence

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants get to the heart of the matter and can explain the issues in plain English, making it easier for you to make your case.

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